Friday, October 26, 2007

Been a while..

An update:

I have gotten a few free things in the last few weeks, nothing special, bible dvds, some product samples, nothing really worth mentioning.

Yesterday, I did get my first free issue of EGM I signed up for though, not bad, I think it was for 1 year.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Free Stuff Today

A DVD "At Home with Lorna Landvik"

Sign up for one here.

And a Chicago Tourism Guide, I cant find where I signed up for that one.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Cartoon Network

Today in the mail, 3 pairs of "3D Glasses" from the Cartoon Network. 2 ill give to my sisters.. the other ill just... do what with? It says I'm supposed to watch some show with them on, but yea, ill pass... FREE STUFF FTW though!!!!

Also i just checked my email and i got a free $10 Gift Certificate for no clue what i can buy from there..

No links, both are now over with, the Rampage one closed about 5 minutes before i signed up.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Today in the mail.. a free CD ROM, "ALCOHOL 101 Plus".

Got it from:

Hopefully I get some more stuff soon ^^

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today in the mail...

My first real freebies.. woot! A DVD.. "Living Under a Wind Turbine" and "The Voices of Tugg Hill" from a guy named Dave.. Thanks so much Dave!

And some Trading Cards from woot!!! lol.. I think I might give these to my sister.. I'm kinda old for them lmao.

Here is a link for the Trading Cards, looks still open:

Live Search Club

I'm sure most people have probably heard of this by now.. but i just recently about a week ago got a package in the mail.

No windows vista or anything like that.. just a pair of headphones (worth about $20 i think)..

but considering i used bots to play Crosswire and Chicktionary for me.. i guess i would consider this one a freebie.

I have pics but i have to develop them, i don't have a working digital camera at the moment.


here is a pic:


Hi, welcome to komsik's free stuff, hosted for free by Blogger.. how nice of them eh?

Anyway, this is just a blog I made so i can share with you all about the stuff i get for free from the Internet. Now i don't mean stuff like filling out surveys or advertisements (Google ads.. etc. as you can see i threw a few up here.. why not? hehehe).. I have gotten a few checks from stuff like that, but i am referring to stuff that you have to do little to no work at all... as simple as filling out your address for example.

I have just recently got into searching around Google looking at "freebie" websites and actually taking a few seconds and filling out some of this stuff. You would be amazed at how much free crap people will throw your way.

I guess I might possibly regret signing up for some things once i start getting bombarded with spam in my mailbox.. but what the heck, i like junk and who know maybe i might actually get a few useful things... we'll have to see just what comes. ^^

Anyway enough of the introduction, feel free to bookmark the site if you want and check back, i will try to include the link to the sign up page if i actually get something, so you can sign up your self if its still open.

Also, if anyone wants to trade links just leave a comment.

if anyone needs to contact me for some reason send me an email to

put "komsik" somewhere in the title in case it gets hidden in the spam.. lolz