Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today in the mail...

My first real freebies.. woot! A DVD.. "Living Under a Wind Turbine" and "The Voices of Tugg Hill" from a guy named Dave.. Thanks so much Dave!

And some Trading Cards from woot!!! lol.. I think I might give these to my sister.. I'm kinda old for them lmao.

Here is a link for the Trading Cards, looks still open:

Live Search Club

I'm sure most people have probably heard of this by now.. but i just recently about a week ago got a package in the mail.

No windows vista or anything like that.. just a pair of headphones (worth about $20 i think)..

but considering i used bots to play Crosswire and Chicktionary for me.. i guess i would consider this one a freebie.

I have pics but i have to develop them, i don't have a working digital camera at the moment.


here is a pic:


Hi, welcome to komsik's free stuff, hosted for free by Blogger.. how nice of them eh?

Anyway, this is just a blog I made so i can share with you all about the stuff i get for free from the Internet. Now i don't mean stuff like filling out surveys or advertisements (Google ads.. etc. as you can see i threw a few up here.. why not? hehehe).. I have gotten a few checks from stuff like that, but i am referring to stuff that you have to do little to no work at all... as simple as filling out your address for example.

I have just recently got into searching around Google looking at "freebie" websites and actually taking a few seconds and filling out some of this stuff. You would be amazed at how much free crap people will throw your way.

I guess I might possibly regret signing up for some things once i start getting bombarded with spam in my mailbox.. but what the heck, i like junk and who know maybe i might actually get a few useful things... we'll have to see just what comes. ^^

Anyway enough of the introduction, feel free to bookmark the site if you want and check back, i will try to include the link to the sign up page if i actually get something, so you can sign up your self if its still open.

Also, if anyone wants to trade links just leave a comment.

if anyone needs to contact me for some reason send me an email to

put "komsik" somewhere in the title in case it gets hidden in the spam.. lolz